What's SodaPrint?

Can Easily Create SNS icons and Images for Printing, on your Phone or Computer.

Free Canvas

Choose a Photo or Illust you like, and Enter such like your anniversary or names. Feel Free to make your Image using Tools like Stamps, Pencils and Erasers.

It's Okay if you Forget to Save Image. If you Bookmark, You can Edit Image from continuation.

From Continuation

If you access the create page later, you can create from the continuation of the automatically saved data.

The Created Image can be Re-editing and Downloading from My Page as many time as.

Member Available All Functions

In addition to Downloading and Re-editing, You can also Change the Title, Description, Tags, Public/Private Settings and Delete.

Images for Printing can be Submit to a Printing Company as they are and used for Making Goods. (Of course You can print yourself too)

Download Full size Image and Thumbnail Image

Downloading will Download Full size Images and Thumbnail Images. In the case of Images for Print, Thumbnail Images can used as Samples, so Please Submit both Data to Printing Company.

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