This page explains usage of SodaPrint.

Usage of SodaPrint

SodaPrint is a completely free tool that allows you to simulate the creation of illustrations and data for printing.
It runs in your browser, so you don't need to install any application to use it.
This is a free application that allows you to create images without having to worry about the size of the canvas, as it has been designed for web icons and buttons.
The printable image is automatically added bleed, so you can create a beautiful printable document without the need for specialized software or tools.
This is an alpha version, so there may be bugs and glitches.
Please let us know if you have any requests for additional features or if you would like to report a bug.

First, choose the size of the image you want to create.
You can choose purposes of images for printing or for the web, and if the size is not an option, you can enter a number to start with the size you want.

When you select a size, you will first be shown how to use the tool.

After that, the canvas settings screen will appear, and you can proceed to create an image with the settings that suit your environment.

After the settings are complete, the canvas will be generated automatically, and you can upload or take a picture of the image on your device and use it, or add text, eraser, etc.

If you leave the page or close the page during editing, the canvas at that point will be saved in the browser.
The next time you access the page, you can continue editing from the last time.
When the image is ready, name it and download it.

Downloading is of course free!

The downloaded image will be zipped and will contain a poor quality thumbnail for display and the original high quality image for use.
If you want to use the original image, you will need to download the original image.
In the original image, the white band disappears.
When submitting your document, please make sure to submit it as a zipped file, or submit both the thumbnail and the original image.
If you are unsure, please contact the printing company in advance.

If you register as a member, you can edit and download images as many times as you like from My Page after downloading.
The images you choose to keep private will not be displayed and are mosaicked for your peace of mind.
You can also make your images public and share them on the web.
You can share your images with your friends!

Tools explanations

  • Hand tools
  • This is the tool for moving. Other tools such as the pen tool can be deactivated.
  • Background color
  • Areas of the canvas that have no pictures or images on them and are not painted will be transparent. You can set the background color to create the image you want.
  • Upload
  • You can upload images on your device, or take pictures and upload them. There is no limit to the number of images you can upload, but be aware that if you upload too many, the operation may become heavy and difficult to use.
  • Save/Download
  • Save the canvas. Your canvas data will be saved, and your editing history will be deleted by downloading it on the download page. If you are logged in, you can call up, re-edit, and download the canvas at any time from My Page.
  • Text tools
  • You can enter text. The text can be set to font, color, size, shadow, and bold, and can be selected and re-edited later.
  • Pen tools
  • Draw a line on the canvas. You can set the thickness, color, and shadow, and you can move the stroke as an object later.
  • Stamp tools
  • These are the stamps that are available at SodaPrint. Please request any stamps you want!>>CONTACT
  • Eraser tools
  • You can erase a part of an image. The objects that can be erased are the uploaded image and the stamp. Other objects cannot be erased with the eraser.
  • Undo
  • You can go back one operation.
  • Redo
  • You can advance one operation.
  • Scaling tools
  • Zoom in and out on the selected object.
  • Rotary Tools
  • Rotate the selected object.
  • Move to front
  • Move the overlapping object to the front (in front).
  • Move to the back
  • Move the overlapping object to the back (behind).
  • Delete
  • Delete the selected object.
  • Delete All
  • Delete all objects.
  • Canvas size
  • Change the canvas size.
  • Resume
  • Edit the previous canvas from the last time.

Operating environment